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Monday, June 25, 2012

Unknown Item

Can anyone out there help us to identify this tool. It came in with a knife, with this one being identified as a "Fleshing Knife". However it is unlike any fleshing knife on the net, whereas the other one is similar to some.

Is it some sort of hook used in skinning an animal?

Or has it some other use?

It is 17cm long, and comes from Sheffield in England. but then, what steel item didn't?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bulletin 21 available

Bulletin No 21 has just been printed, and will be available next week.

Want a sneak preview - details are HERE.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Congratulations to Her Majesty

Back in 1954, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (with Prince Phillip), visited the Shire of Avon. As the RAAF base at East Sale was firmly in our shire. They did not stay long, as they were whisked away to the City of Sale, but we can claim her for the few minutes that she was here. RAAF photographers recorded the moment, and this photograph sat proudly in the shire offices for many years. (00203VSFH)

So we take this opportunity to congratulate her Majesty on her Diamond Jubilee.

The Shire of Traralgon were luckier - after Sale, she boarded the Royal Train and headed off there, where she toured the town, and everyone congregated in set areas, waving flags. This flag, and possibly the one below, were specially created for the occasion. (04765VSFH)

This one, purchased at the same time, seems to be a more "suit all areas" job, you could wave it in Sale, or Traralgon, or at any of the other areas in Gippsland visited. You can see more photographs HERE, in a set from the Public Record Office, or browse all their Royal Visit sets HERE.

In the meantime, the Red cross were out there, ensuring a commercial opportunity to pay homage to Her Majesty was not missed. We think we quite like this one. (05165VSFH). All are from our collection.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Victorian Collections

We now have a page on Victorian Collections, showcasing a number of our particularly significant items. You can see it HERE

Victorian Collections is still evolving, and searching is not yet perfect, if you put in Briagolong, it still won't bring up our poison cart or the snakebone necklace. But it is really worth going in there and having a look around at other similar organisations, and seeing the sorts of items they have in their collections. Best way to do that is to pick an organisation, and then browse their collection.

Anyone got any other favourite items they think we should give priority to listing there?