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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Training and Equipment Grants

Stratford Historical Society was recently fortunate to receive news of their success in two grants.

In the National Library Grant round we were fortunate in receiving funding to conduct a series of six workshops on collection management. Stay tuned for further details - we welcome attendance from other societies and groups, as well as individuals outside of the Society.

Wellington Shire has also provided funding for shelving for our Collection in storage, a ladder to access them, and other equipment.

We appreciate very much the assistance from both.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hotels and the 1866 Directory


Stratford Historical Society is delighted to announce that it has obtained a small stock of 1866 Advertising posters from East Gippsland Historical Society, for re-sale. The section shown above lists the Stratford Hotels, but there is much, much more. Many of the hotels on the way to Grant are advertised, as well as around Donellys Creek.


There is a large copy of the poster HERE.

The story of the poster is, in itself quite interesting. It is an advertising supplement that somehow accompanied the Butler's 1866 Woods Point and Gipps Land Directory, which is available in facsimile form.

In 1982 the late Jack Barker of Bairnsdale, who was a member of the East Gippsland Historical Society, produced the original of this poster from his papers - many years before he had been manager of the Maud and Yellow Girl mine at Glen Wills, and the poster had been on the back of a door when he moved into the manager's house. No other copies are known to exist.

Copies are still available from the East Gippsland Historical Society.