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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We Have Gates!


It all happened today. We now have gates. This is the pedestrian one, above. The one below is for car entry. They are the work of Gate-Maker Extraordinaire, Bill Stothers. That is him on the left, with George.


All this fencing has meant that the Bills Trough also has to be moved - it is now well inside the fence, on its own concrete base, with supports similar to that which it would have had originally.


The somewhat incredible outdoor team, are now turning their minds to paths.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Knife Polishers

Over at the Powerhouse Museum [Sydney] blog, they have a Mystery Item. They know what it is (a Knife Polisher), but were having a bit of fun to see if people could guess what it is. Theirs is a bit more upmarket than ours - maybe from a grander home. I have seen one like it in the store at Scienceworks as well.

This is ours:


I'm not sure that ours would have originally been silver, though.

But what we have, which I think is a little more unusual, is that we have the Knife Polish that went into it as well:


You can even see the hole on ours where the polish was popped in. So I wonder if this was used for the old steel knives, or for the plate silver? Anyone know?