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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mending and Making Do

We have been exercising our minds about "Mending and Making Do". The objects in our collection (and that we have available on loan), that show the practice of repairing items for further use. Such as these cups, currently on loan from a private collection:


These cups both have replacement handles, one of wire, one of metal (possibly a Fowlers Vacola clip in a previous life), to extend their life.

We have had a preliminary look at our items. We have a mended rug, a roughly mended chair, an apron made of hessian (but not an old sugar bag), but little else. We are on a mission to see what else we can find.

In the discussion, one thing led to another with the older members of the Society talking about the unavailability of any form of china during the Second World War - which led us to realise the importance of this overlooked cup, saucer and plate in the collection. Glass crockery was apparently all that was available to purchase new during part of the war. These settings are becoming rarer. We are fortunate to already have some in the collection, but are keeping our eyes peeled for more - examples of "making do".



Blogger Lenore said...

Hi Linda,

Co-incidentally, I've been thinking about a "Make do and mend" exhibition at Essendon, but it was to have included the many examples of patent objects intended to be used to make do and mend. No progress to date, just the kernal of an idea.

11:31 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

And pot menders, speaking of patent objects - how could I forget them. Would kill to find a mended pot (the old aluminium ones), but not even would you find them in an op shop these days. Although the ones I was more familiar with were mended with a washer and a very small nut and bolt, like those out of a meccano set.

We do have two packets of pot menders in the collection.

And there are so many examples of beautiful mending around.

2:02 AM  

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