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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Leonard Nelson

Alfa has been working hard on the suitcase full of photographs that came to us from the estate of the late Ernie Cahill, from a large Dargo family.  There are many treasures in there, not the least the fan photographs of Leonard Nelson, an important early Australian variety performer.

You can read more about him HERE. Thanks to Inside History for the link.

Prominent among them are nine postcards of him pulling faces. Well, eight pulling faces, and one as he would wish to be seen. The one above is signed "Yours Burgulary". The one below is "Yours Smilingly"

Unfortunately, some are a little worse for wear, and silverfish had a wonderful time with them. But these days we can fix that. Here he is as he would wish to be seen, just signed "Yours, Leonard Nelson"

Some of the material would tend to suggest that he knew the Cahill family, but we cannot establish a link. He remains one of our mysteries. Here is a last one, silverfish and all. It is "Yours Henpeckedly"


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