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Friday, November 23, 2012

How Significant is a Moustache?

Sometimes you need to call on extra help.

Today collection managers came from all over Gippsland to discuss Significance, so we thought we would ask them to help us judge which is the more significant Moustache.

Here we have Dr Julie Fenley, from the Centre for Gippsland Studies, who organised the most excellent day (left), with Pauline Hitchins and Jenny Dickens (both from Heritage Victoria), and Cheral Watt and Sue McCracken (both from Old Gippstown). With Jack Gilruth and Cr Carter.

After today, Jack Gilruth Gilruth has taken a commanding lead - but he is not totally unassailable. Final decision will be made at our dinner on Monday night.

Stay tuned.

(And seriously - it was a wonderful day, with a chance to catch up with people from as far apart as Mallacoota and Warragul. It reminded us how important it is to research and record the items in our collection, and to tell their stories.)


Blogger Essendonian said...

I'll tell you how significant my moustache is. I pay to get it removed.

1:05 AM  

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