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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Much Happening

Lots of things are happening. It is hard to work out what is the most exciting, especially for the first two items.

It is a close run between the sills being finished, and the doors in the shed.

You can see what the sills used to look like HERE.

They were fairly awful!

This is what they look like now.

You can check out the whole restoration in our set on Flickr.

The assistance of Heritage Victoria, through its funding for this work, is much appreciated.

Then, there is the door through to the extension in the shed - George at Work again. It beautifully finishes off the far wall - and even succeeds in making the display space look bigger.

It is George's own design - the whole framework will come out if we ever, heaven forbid, need to take the Sunshine Harvester out (or bring anything else like it in)

We are also in the process of mounting a small exhibition to mark the release of the Baptisms by the Rev John Roberts. We have received portraits of the Rev and Mrs Roberts, that previously hung in the Presbyterian church at Valencia Creek.

Further details to be posted soon.

And the large street map of historic Stratford is out on the table again - we are working on our walking tour.


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