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Monday, August 01, 2011

Check out our Bulletin


Some details of our Bulletins are slowly being put online, in a special blog. You can see it HERE.

Martin has been doing a brilliant job with these, and they are building into a very solid set of information. So the idea is that we are putting extracts from the main articles online, to provide some idea of the contents. These blog posts are a direct copy from our cataloguing data, so a little formal.

They do not mention every time a family appears in the
Bulletins, but still may be useful to help people find their links to Stratford. It is amazing what you can find these days searching on the net.

The abstracts are hosted on blogger. If you subscribe there, and then subscribe to the blog (and maybe this one as well), you get to hear all our news, but also when a new Bulletin is published. And what is in it.


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