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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting rid of Vermin


We have been thinking a bit about vermin eradication. George has just finished rebuilding the Briagolong Rabbit Suppression League poison cart. It came to us with all the wood except the shafts rotted out, and some of the metal needing replacement (and then there is the story about finding just one more link of agricultural chain...)

This is it when it came in today. We were left with no choice from having new looking wood - but at least that way you can see what was original. George matched all the same sizes from old wood - and even made the stand out of left over fence bits! The work on this refurbishment is stunning. Thank You George!

The other thing that is quite unusual, is that we have access to the minutes of the Briagolong Rabbit Supression League - not only do we have the cart, we know also how it was managed. So we can tell you exactly what dates this was in operation - just as soon as Linda unpacks the box in which she put them. [Late Note - she has found them. The cart was bought in late 1923, then the minutes stop]

These Rabbit Suppression Leagues (or Associations) operated just after 1900, probably until about the 1920s. For example, the Gippsland Rabbit Suppression Association was formed about 1904, once the Shires of Maffra and Avon managed to settle some personal differences. Later the local leagues were formed (there was one at Stockdale, and probably many others), and with them came the poison carts, whose schedule was determined by a local committee.

And, while we are talking vermin - we were delighted to receive last month the register/finance book for the Sparrow Club that operated from Craigielee, opposite the Nuntin Cemetery. This apparently met at 6pm on a certain day of the week, and went and shot sparrows - a quick check of the net assures us that the men of Stratford were not alone in this pursuit.


If you want to try and read the names, there is a larger copy HERE.

The club operated from 1899 to 1913 - when it probably closed as there were other more pressing matters on the minds of people - and all the good shots went off to war. But before that, men were paid a fee (we are still working on it, it may have been a penny, it may have been 4d per sparrow), and your quota in sparrows was important. And there were pigeons mentioned in there too.

This book definitely requires detailed analysis - and a transcription of names.


Blogger JayBee said...

Trawling through the newspapers on line came upon reports from 1919 Briagolong meetings of the Rabbit Suppression League in Gipp Times and Maffra Spec
Janne Blacker

10:38 AM  
Blogger Linda said...

Hi Jann - the papers are stunning for what you find, aren't they! We actually had access to the original minute book for the league, so we have a copy. It closed with the secretary , A.H.B. Kelly, commenting that the night was cold, so he was glad to get home. or something like that. Then there were no more meetings. And they had only just purchased the cart!

9:04 AM  

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