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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dr Backhouse and Historical Stratford Buildings

Items under Dr Backhouse house

We are rather excited. Beth Ripper, who lives in Dr Backhouse's old home and hospital, has brought in a lot of the items found under the building during her renovations. In a way, they are a time capsule of the life and times when they were discarded/lost. If you look at the LARGE PHOTOGRAPH of the items above, you can find all sorts of interesting things. Like the little green broach of two dogs. Can you see it? Just above the marbles? Probably not a good photograph - must post a better one.

Items under Dr Backhouse house

Can you pick the piece that fascinates us in this view? Do you know what it is?

Fish head

Yep - it is a very grumpy fish head!

So, after we cleaned these items up, we wondered how to display them.

Would most people know where Dr Backhouse lived? Probably not.

So that inspired us to come up with this installation. It is a work in progress.

Stratford map

There are bottles in the small showcase on the left, and the items you have just seen are in the one on the right.

In the centre, in a highly technical operation, we have drawn a map of Stratford on the back of some rubberised curtain material. We are in the process of adding details of where Dr Backhouse lived, and other historic Stratford buildings. The idea is that people will walk around the map, and maybe talk about other buildings, and their importance.

And that we will then bring it together in a street walk, for future publication.

You can already see a flip book that has been started, sitting on the map.

Not bad for the first day's work.


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