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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Funding Announced for Brickwork.

Brickwork, Stratford Historical Museum

We have two wonderful pieces of news this week.

Heritage Victoria have announced announced funding for projects across Victoria, including
  1. Repair and conservation of heritage places and objects
  2. Interpretation of heritage places and objects
  3. Local government heritage studies and advice
  4. Community collections management
Stratford has been most fortunate to receive a grant of $14,000 for "Building repair works to brickwork, windows & repairing structural cracks".

We appreciate very much this support from Heritage Victoria.

In a second piece of news, we can announce that the root barriers to protect the building have been installed with assistance from Wellington Shire Council.

Although we were delighted to have this happen, and equally delighted to have the worthwhile rain on Tuesday, it did serve to remind us that planning for (minor) disasters should include having a good supply of tarps and bags handy, as there was no way to enter the building without making a bridge across the very wet and sticky clay on the surface that resulted from the work.

But survive we did, and it was a minor inconvenience compared to the thrill of seeing the works progress. Thanks Martin, Tim and Team.


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