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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Sometimes, one of the things we fail to do is document our own progress - we spend so much time documenting that of everyone else.

This week we got a bee in our bonnet, and started to clean up the office. We were really trying to find the last sets of minute books waiting to be catalogued, before the Significance Assessment was finished. (Major finds - they will be in the next post)

We were so proud of the tidy reference shelf (which also has multiple "In Trays") that we took a photo:


We don't usually get to see it this neat!

Then, when it was being filed with the other Collection Management photos (yes, we classify our digital photos too - but don't enter them in the catalogue), we realised we had this pair:

This is our President, Wemyss, in the office in January 2006, when we reopened the museum after the major, major refit.


And this is a similar view, just over two years later:


(I was going to say that Wemyss was in it too, but you just cannot see her. But she isn't).

It really is good when you regularly document your own progress - everyone should go out at the start of each quarter and do a photographic survey - or at the start and finish of daylight saving. Or at some other point that reminds you. Because it really does build up to an interesting history of your own.


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