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Friday, August 01, 2008

The things we find

The cataloguing team recently turned its attention to this framed watercolour in the collection.


It is the work of the Rev. Arthur A. Lyons, who was Methodist minister at the Stratford church immediately after WWII.

We do not know enough about the artist - there is an Arthur Ashley Lyons who dies in 1952 in Geelong aged 79, and another Arthur Ashley Lyons who dies at Mitcham in 1967 aged 71. This would make the first man in his late sixties at the time of the painting, and the second man about fifty. So as the artist was apparently known as "Pop" Lyons, we tend to favour the older man. But we are not sure.

The glass was broken on this years ago, and the obviously acidic matt around the picture (plus the highly acidic backing cardboard) were judged to be a threat to the picture.

So we decided to remove the picture, keeping the watercolour and frame, and store them more appropriately until we were able to have it reframed.

So, imagine our surprise when we took off the backing to find this:


Thankfully, the red tape just fell off, leaving little residue. This one is possibly unfinished, but still a beautiful piece of work. When the opportunity arises, we will have them both appropriately framed.

In the meantime, the full-sized photographs are HERE and HERE.


Blogger Einar said...

What a great find! fantastic!

5:10 PM  
Blogger Cathy said...

I have a watercolour dated 1958,someone wrote at the back "The Sunny Valley Grampians Victoria". The paintings featured are very similar to the one I have. The watercolour was given to me by my aunt.

4:10 PM  

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