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Friday, January 19, 2007

Signature Cloth names

The Tuesday Team (TT) have been changing over displays at the museum, and have placed the 1918 Methodist Church Harvest Festival cloth on display.


There is a much larger picture HERE if you want to try and read the names.

What is known so far is restricted to the details embroidered on the cloth.


The signatures were probably collected at the Stratford Methodist Church Harvest Festival in 1918. They would have been written, and then embroidered over, with different people doing different blocks. It was probably a fund-raising venture.

The surnames that appear on the cloth, allowing for transcription being difficult in same cases, appear below.

(This does not include initials, where people had initials only embroidered)

Aird, Andero, Anders, Anderson, Andrew, Andrews, Archbold, Atkin

Baldwin, Bartlett, Bedggood, Bertram, Blundy, Boucher, Brown, Bryant, Bryce

Carr, Carter, Christie, Coe, Cooke, Cooper, Crook

Dance, Davis, Dennis, Disney, Doolan, Doyne


Farrell, Ferguson, Fiske, Freeman

Galway, Grobb

Hazlett, Heher, Henning, Howell, Hume, Humphrey

Jiggins, Johns, Jones, Jorgenson, Joy

Keeble, Kenyon, Kirkby, Knox

Lake, Lane, Layton, Learmonth, Lewis, Linaker, Lotton, Lyle

Maiden, Martin, Maxwell, McDonald, McEwan, McLaren, Michell, Mildenhall, Millikan, Mills, Mitchell, Money, Morgan, Morrison



Perkins, Pochnell, Poole, Prout


Schneeberger, Sharp, Shiells, Smith, Stephens, Stewart, Stone, Stothers, Struss, Sumers, Sylvia

Taylor, Thistlewaite, Thorn, Tivey

Wade, Walters, Warriner, Weir, Went, White, Willett, Willey, Williams, Woodhouse, Woodland

The cloth will be on display at the museum until at least the end of May 2007, and may then be returned to storage.

The museum is open Tuesdays from 10am to 3pm, and on the second and fourth Sunday from 2pm to 4pm.


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