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Monday, April 23, 2012

Dairy Factory Books

We are getting very excited about the Dairy Factory Books. Yes, that is right - Books in plural. The Book got so big it has been split into two. Part one covers Stratford, Inverbroom, Craigielee, Bundalaguah, Munro and Dargo. Part two covers The Heart, Clydebank, Sale, Redbank and the Avodale Condensed Milk Factory at Clydebank.

We are especially excited about Avondale, as we have by a minor miracle and some detective work, found a photograph. Here is just a peep at part of the photograph, on the left. It was this vent on a kiln-like structure that was the giveaway on an unknown factory.

The original photograph was found in a private collection (thanks Ann!) covered in writing identifying it as the Sale Butter Factory (which it obviously wasn't). The writing is now gone (thanks Terry!), and the photograph identified. Ross has been to the spot, and found retaining walls and floors that match this photo.

Like to see the full photo? The book will be released on 6 May, at the Village Fair at Stratford. 

And, almost immediately after we had identified the photo, with found this photograph of some vents still existing on a dairy factory in Warragul. With another one of them HERE.

Did I mention that we are very excited?


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