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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Progress at the Museum

So, what has happened at the Museum once it was closed (apart from the shed, of course)?

The really big news is that the Museum building (the former Methodist church), was completely emptied, and the walls stripped and painted, and the floor stripped and painted. Somewhere, Martin has pictures of how the walls were before - they were revolting.

Here is the inside, after the walls have been painted, and with George and John working on the floor.


And here is how the floor looked when it was finished (Stunning is a word that comes to mind)


So, what happened then?

As soon as the Cataloguing Teams were allowed on the floor, they demanded furniture, and exhibits.

Here is the Courthouse table leaving the shed


and going into the Museum. The first piece to return home.


The cataloguers really wanted a table on which to work. But were they happy with that? No way.

This is what really happy cataloguers look like:



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